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Through this verse on display we again point to no other person than the Lord Jesus Christ.

An online trend that continues to grow in popularity at this time is to share ‘random acts of kindness’. This is where a good deed is done for the benefit of another and it’s shared with people. Recognising that not all kindness is filmed on a mobile phone and posted to social media, it is encouraging to think that many unknown sacrifices will be made beyond what may happen in ‘normal’ circumstances. We continue to be thankful to those who show kindness in caring for others either personally or professionally.


This verse from Romans chapter 5 tells us of the greatest demonstration, not just of kindness, but of love this world has ever known. The source of this love is God Himself. Twice over in John’s 1st epistle in chapter 4, John attests ‘God IS love’.

The focus of that love was not random though. God very definitely and specifically targeted and set His love upon the men, women, boys and girls of this world. That was in spite of knowing all about us – that we were yet sinners. Sin – which causes such unhappiness and ultimately fixes our separation from God. Our sin means there is nothing about us which deserves God’s love or kindness, yet He fully demonstrated that love by sending the person of His well beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die upon a Cross.

The Bible records that there were those who were eye witness to the death of Christ upon the cross. The apex of that love was demonstrated in 3 hours of darkness, when no one could see, as God judged the sin of this world in the person of His own Son.

We deserve the judgement. We deserve that punishment that Christ bore upon the cross.

By confessing our sin, by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, we come into the full blessing of that love and the blessing of the blood of Christ shed upon that cross.

If you happen to see the banner this week then remember at this difficult time: God has already proved His love for you, even though we are all sinners, Christ has died for us.

We rejoice too that the one who died rose again! We love to always remember a risen Saviour; we don’t lose sight of that at this time of the year.

If you want to know more, or you would like a free Bible, please feel free to contact us here.