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The pattern of the banners being put up should be coming apparent – they all point to the person of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus.

At this particular season many people will turn their thoughts to Easter. Amongst celebrations of eggs, bunnies and bonnets we cannot miss the truth that upon the cross of Calvary the Son of God freely shed His own blood and gave His life. The reason for this was that a way salvation from sin may be possible. Our verse speaks of that – that there is a promise in the Bible that we can be saved.

While Easter hasn’t been in the news much, there has been a lot about the ongoing coronavirus and the demand for PPE. Personal Protective Equipment. When there is such risk from this virus anything which can protect and preserve is essential. We continue to pray for those who in many different ways care and make provision for those in need.
The first ‘P’ is key though. It’s Personal. Being exposed to a risk where protection is possible, it would seem logical to take the protective equipment and make it personal. Take it for yourself and come into the good of it. There is no benefit or protection where the equipment is available but not applied.

God offers in the person of His Son not just the greatest protection this world can ever know, but preservation; salvation. Jesus Christ shed His blood upon that cross as the means by which our sin can be forgiven. Our sin means the separation we presently have from God will be fixed for all eternity.

But it’s a personal thing. Whilst provision suitable for the whole world has been made, we must apply it to ourselves and come into the good of it. God has provided the only way in which we can be saved, but we must make Christ our personal Saviour.

Romans chapter 10 verse 9 tells us the way we do that. It starts with confession that Jesus is Lord, recognising our sin and His sinlessness.

Then we arrive back at this time if the year - the One who died on the cross rose again the third day! God raised Him from the dead! The one who can save is a living Saviour! The stone which was rolled away allowed eyewitnesses to see and attest to the fact the tomb was empty. They then saw for themselves that Christ is alive!

The promise of the Bible is absolute: if you confess, if you believe, you WILL be saved!

Think about that picture of PPE. A face mask for example. If it’s been provided, the choice is down to the individual to take it and apply it. Everyone recognises the risk of rejection and choosing to take work without it.

There’s no cost for the salvation God offers, neither is there any shortage. We simply must come and make Him our personal Saviour and come into the good of His shed blood, death, burial and resurrection.

If you want to know more, or you would like a free Bible, please feel free to contact us here.